This project was a series of experimental activities to create a new ideology we named ‘Morpho-errorism’.*Morpho (pref.) means shape/form in latin. These are researches and processes which focus on the qualities of computer and human (digital and analogue) errors.

Today’s world seems to be dominated by a binary computer system that may ultimately lead us to a world of perfection. What will happen if error is eliminated? We may not have to improve anything anymore; we no longer need progression or evolution. A group of Morpho-errorists, who believe error is essential, we celebrate error to avoid stagnation.
The idea is based on a human body mechanism: to complement a blind eye spot in our eyes, our brain interpolates the data to create a whole image by wiggling eyes themselves. Unlike the computer, the human body retains errors, and is designed to work upon an error (BBC radio4.)
[December, 2015.]