Public Accropodes Spaces

This is a Live project with Public Works Studio, based in Beirut, Lebanon. As well as reclaiming privatization of public spaces in Beirut, we explored ways of creating new visions of the city, where more people integrate socially and physically, and to discuss spaces for better social inclusion.
Al-Dalieh is one of the few public spaces, where located alongside a coastal line, there are hundreds of abandoned 3m concrete structure called Accropodes. To draw a new vision, we propose a formula to stimulate people’s imagination:
[Accropodes + Existing User group + New User group = Idea]
This equation gives people an opportunity to think of a place where come across unusual combination of groups. It derives bizarre, playful ideas from citizen/residence through drawing and model making activity, and we believe that they can discuss a better environment of the city and analyze its possibilities.